The members of the Bulgarian Association of Aesthetic Dermatologists (BAAD) unite against the practice of their colleagues – dermatologists who train cosmeticians how to work with CryoPen – a device for removing benign lesions and other skin defects.

In their view, the assessment of the removal of neoplasms is in the competence of only dermatologists or oncologists, as the manipulation is serious and a specialist is needed to determine whether a given formation is benign or as it appears more and more often – malign.

“In recent years, the incidence of different types of skin cancer has increased, depending on the increase in exposure to ultraviolet rays, as well as the insufficient incidence of prophylactic examinations, which are essential to preventing the progression of benign tumors to malignancies .Good knowledge of the types of benign skin formations as well as their timely diagnosis and treatment are essential to reduce the incidence of skin cancer. As a doctor-oncologist, it is essential for me to accurately diagnose any skin formations before deciding which treatment method to choose. Choosing the wrong treatment can accelerate the invasion of the tumor and transform it into a malignant as well as to create emotional trauma to the patient. Diagnosis of skin tumors is part of the medical students’ curriculum and more in depth – the course for doctors specialists in dermatology. It is not possible to properly train non-specialists in terms of skin tumors. The training of medical cosmetics specialists to treat skin tumors with Cryopen may lead to wrong assessment of tumors and improper treatment with the risk of progression of benign tumors to malignant tumors. This may compromise the health and life of the patient receiving Cryopen therapy.”, commented Dr. Elmira Pavlova, a dermatologist from Sofia.

See below some of the opinions of dermatologists, members of BAAD.

Dr. Atanasova – dermatologist and chairman of the Board of BAAD (Plovdiv)

“I am very opposed to cosmeticians removing skin neoplasms and skin pigmentation, even more so with such a destructive device as Cryopen! Whether a body or pigmentation is intended to be removed, ONLY a dermatologist or an onco-surgeon can determine! In recent times it is often that a benign formation is actually malignant! “

Dr. Dencheva – dermatologist, member of the Board of BAAD (Sofia)

“I think it’s very inappropriate to teach cosmeticians how to do this. We all take promotional activities to this ward, but purely medical procedures and those requiring a medical diploma should not be explained to them in any way. One way or another they keep practising what is beyond acceptable, I would suggest at some stage to establish communication with the companies that offer medical treatment for disease therapies and discuss their position.”

Dr. Litov – Dermatologist (Sofia)

“Of course I’m against this, I do not understand why colleagues sell the profession to incompetent people!”

Dr. Apostolova – Dermatologist (Plovdiv)

“I also do not believe what this beauty is to teach cosmeticians the procedures that are in the competence of only a dermatologist.”

Dr. Genova – dermatologist (Plovdiv)

“A man who respects himself and thinks, should not sell his knowledge to incompetent people.”

Dr. Bueshi – Dermatologist (Sofia)

“As we all see, cosmeticians are becoming more and more brave to carry out a number of dermatological manipulations, and I fully support the idea of ​​speaking out loud and emphasizing our viewpoint on this urgent issue. It would be a good idea to focus  where and how cosmeticians could supplement or improve the aesthetic care of our patients and their clients rather than take away our functions.”

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